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Dr. Angie D. Taylor

Dr. Angie Taylor is the President and CEO of Guardian Quest, Inc., a training and consulting firm committed to adding value to the people and organizations it serves through strategic organizational and personal development solutions. Prior to joining Guardian Quest, Dr. Angie had a storied career in higher education where she held senior leadership positions for over 20 years. She currently serves her community as vice president of the school board.
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Following years of successful leadership training, speaking and coaching, Dr. Angie shares her insights in writing after receiving such praise as:

  • "Fantastic – dynamic speaker. One of the best in the many years I have attended conferences. "
  • "This presenter was fantastic!"
  • "I have been in a lot of training classes. By far, this was the best class I’ve ever attended. The content was great but the facilitator was excellent!
  • "We need leadership training from Angie!"
  • "Angie was energetic and enthusiastic about the content of the materials and relating the importance to one’s personal/professional life and how you can grow in new ways."
  • "Very interesting informative and really makes you think!"
  • "She was beyond excellent!!"

Discover the Leadership Lessons that Matter Most

After 25 years of successful teaching and leading at the executive level, Dr. Angie Taylor has put together a collection of the top lessons that have shaped her as a leader. These are the lessons she refers back to the most, as they have provided a solid foundation that she builds upon on a daily basis.

In her first book, she identifies them as the lessons that matter most when building and establishing yourself as a leader. Whether you are a senior level executive that can use a reminder or an emerging leader that can use a road map, there is something insightful and inspirational in for you in “Leadership Matters: The Lessons That Shaped My Leadership”

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