Guardian Quest has a proven track record for instilling a commitment to professional growth and enhancing participant's focus on organizational success. Guardian Quest partners with individual clients to modify course offerings to align with the organization's mission and strategies, gain insight into the current challenges and incorporate the organization's language and culture into the curriculum. Guardian Quest will also develop customized curriculum to meet the unique needs and objectives of each client.


  • Leadership Development (Personal and Organizational)
  • Diversity and Inclusion-Centered Leadership
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Leadership for Law Enforcement Executives
  • Leadership and Personality Assessments
  • 21st Century Leadership for Faith-Based Organizations
  • Youth Challenge Programs
  • FranklinCovey Signature Programs
  • Customized Curriculum Development
  • Other Organizational Development Programs
  • Training Program Descriptions


    Guardian Quest team members are highly sought after motivational speakers that deliver engaging, riveting and inspirational keynote addresses for conferences, retreats, luncheons, award ceremonies, fundraiser dinners and other special occasions. Guardian Quest does not deliver "one size fits all" presentations but customizes each talk to ensure relevance, timeliness and appropriate content for each audience and to meet organizational objectives.

    Guardian Quest keynote speaking services are available in a numerous topics, many of which are included in our areas of "Core Competency"

    Core Competencies

  • Leadership Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion Education
  • High Performance Team Development
  • Employee Engagement
  • Personal and Organizational Development
  • Character and Integrity Development
  • Managing Change

    Guardian Quest is able to provide strategic insight and to organizations that can benefit from outside observation and expertise. These services are always customized to ensure that the client’s needs are met and organizations objectives are achieved.

    The expertise of Guardian Quest team members is often utilized to provide consulting services to organizations seeking assistance with areas such as:

    Consulting Areas:

  • Problem Solving
  • Strategic Planning
  • Designing Staff Development Systems
  • Climate Studies
  • Cultural Audits
  • Implementing Change
  • Other Strategic Initiatives

    Guardian Quest executive coaching services help to facilitate the professional and personal development of leaders seeking to reinforce their strengths while developing their areas of weakness. Although referred to as executive coaching, Guardian Quest provides these services at all levels of the organization. The objective is to help each individual improve his or her overall effectiveness and achieve peak performance.

    Guardian Quest executive coaches assist clients with the achievement of specific identified goals. These goals may include:

    Coaching Goals:

  • Improved Interpersonal Communication
  • Leading More Effective Teams
  • Managing Organizational Change
  • Enhancing Strategic Thinking
  • Performance Evaluations and Management
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Other Areas as Identified by the Client
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