Just wanted to send you an email to 'Thank You'. The past three days have made an impact on my life that I never imagined. I am so glad that I was chosen to be a part of that class. I am back at work now and have not stop talking about it… . Your enthusiasm and energy was overwhelming.

Synthia Lee, Lieutenant,
Los Angeles Police Department

I give personal credit to Guardian Quest in empowering our Diversity Champions as never before. Guardian Quest challenges students in the areas of character, integrity, trust, and leadership...It is impossible to expect to gain any level of success or competitive edge in the world in which we live today without a complete and comprehensive understanding of the principles taught in this training.

Michael Yackira, President & CEO, NV Energy

What separates Guardian Quest diversity training from others is that it does not simply stop with changing behaviors; it targets the very thinking that occurs behind those behaviors.

Renee West
President & COO Luxor/Excalibur Hotel & Casino

I wholeheartedly recommend Championing Diversity workshop. My experience was life-changing. My awareness of diversity issues was dramatically increased and my resolve to be a diversity champion is sky high. I see opportunities every day to practice the principles I learned from the course. Michael Nila and Ondra Berry are master teachers. They brilliantly model and demonstrate all the principles they teach in their course. Their passion and enthusiasm is contagious. Their commitment to modeling diversity and in creating new diversity champions is inspiring. I have forever been changed as a result of my experience. I would be happy to talk to anyone on why attending Championing Diversity is one of the best investments they can ever make in their life. Franklin Covey is a proud partner of the Championing Diversity course.

David M.R. Covey
Franklin Covey Company

Prior to using Guardian Quest, we made several less than successful efforts to start a Diversity initiative at the City...The Guardian Quest approach has worked well for us because it emphasizes the importance of building trusting relationships, strong teams and personal responsibility. The impact on employees who have gone through the Diversity Champion training has been overwhelmingly positive.... While we know we still have work to do, I am rather proud of the progress we have made taking the Guardian Quest approach to teaching employees how to be leaders.

Douglas A. Selby

City Manager, City of Las Vegas

This class can be described as powerful, life changing, an emotional roller coaster ride, soul searching, thought provoking, eye opening, constructive and relevant to our past, present and future. This class is an individual "Gut Check" that is designed to make you look at your current physical and mental state of being, other people, cultures and ways of life from a different perspective. This class does not ask you to change your beliefs,or compromise your values but to appreciate those of different walks of life who paved the way for what you may take for granted. It will allow you to see the choices and opportunities we as men and women, and as American citizens have staring us in the face every day of our life. If you attend this class, you will be changed for the better!

Lee "Jonesy" Jones, II
Westar Energy, Inc.

This course is not a sit in your seat and listen to lecture course ....you are constantly involved in exercises that are thought-provoking, fun and keep you moving ...all while working on leadership development. If you are looking for a leadership development course .....this one would be a great one to attend.

Dyann M. Edwards, Lt Col
132 FW/CCE - Air National Guard

I want to take a few minutes and step out of my comfort zone and let all of you know how much impact this class had on me. Taking this opportunity to learn … has shown me strengths and weaknesses within myself that I was not aware of…. Now that I know about these I can address and overcome the bad ones one at a time and improve upon the good ones… I have all of you to thank for this so I say Thank You!

Bill Heath Jr.
Engineering Shift Manager

Thank you for providing a key that seems to have unlocked my husband’s pent up desire to live. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him this enthusiastic and alert. I can hardly wait to see what today and tomorrow brings.

Joyce Mochrie,
Wife of a Champions class participant

This morning I got to work early, I shook the hands and said good morning. Then I ventured out to people that I have never spoken to and said; “Hello my name is David; how was your ride in this morning”? You know what? They feel better and so do I. So thank you all very much for all that you helped me to see in myself.

David L. Dion, Service Disabled Veteran - USMC
Government Business Development Manager,
Simplex Grinnell

I just wanted to express a heartfelt thanks to all of you for facilitating our conference. Boy! What a reality check! Needless to say I've been "looking at the man in the mirror" Thank you! Thank you! For the endless work that you do, I am still adding to my list of tasks that I want to undertake in my quest to achieve the ultimate goal of being a diversity champion but I am not deterred.

Nation's First! - Diane P. Duarte
Army National Guard

I just want to share with you that I am a better person having met you and having engaged in this awesome experience. You and your team are OUTSTANDING!!! As an educator, it is difficult to attend professional development as I begin to analyze the teaching strategies implemented. Many times, I become frustrated by the lack of preparation and lack of abilities of the presenters. The inappropriate timing, lack of depth, etc. and the list goes on. At NO time were you and the team unprepared, unfocused, unengaging, and uninspiring! Your professionalism is unmatched, and I am grateful for being able to participate in this program. I thoroughly enjoyed the professional development, and I can see the benefit that this type of training could have in a school district. Imagine the day when all of our children would have a teacher empowered as a Diversity Champion in every classroom...WOW!!!! We would truly change the world.

Kaweeda G. Adams,
Director Clark County School District
Instruction Unit

I wanted to take a minute and tell you all what an honor it was to spend the last three days with you all....Those that know me well know that I take leadership and mentoring our Airmen and fellow Soldiers very seriously. Throughout my career I have had great leaders and not so great ones.
I have learned a lot from both... I took this as a good experience no, a great experience, really it was. The past three days, I learned a lot about myself and others. For that, thank you... all of you! It was an absolute pleasure to spend the time away from the office in "pretty" clothes and learn leadership, diversity and yes have a lot of fun. So, I say to you ...... BRING IT ON!!!!!!

Thank you again, I am so very proud to be a Baaarnes Stormah!!!

Lynne "Smiley" Bolduc, MSgt
Massachusetts Air National Guard 104FW HQ/OG

Thank you for all of the thoughts that have been opened in my mind.. My eyes , my ears, and my heart has been opened to realize that everyone just wants to belong.. and be noticed.. I WILL make a difference ….so we all can pay it forward..

Vicky Allen, Inspection Manager

Thank you for very much for a sensational experience - enlightening, inspiring, thoughtful.

Dan Fischer, Diversity Champions

I would like to thank you for the class that you taught!!! I have brought out so many positive thoughts and skills from your class and look forward to using those in my everyday life at work and at home… I think everyone should take this class… I wish I had this class years ago. I will cherish ALL of the time I spent in your class and take those lessons learned with me for the rest of my life and will pass those lessons on to people I cross paths with, Thank you for everything.

Tina Rios
Diversity Champions

The experience was a life changing event... I would like to share a card I received from my daughter after I truly talked to her after attending the classes. "Dear Dad, I know you are not good at showing your feeling for me, but it takes a real man (Dad) to say what you said to me. I want you to be able to talk to me about anything. I know that I have not been the best daughter to you too. I want you to know that I will always be there for you when you need me. I love to spend time with you and talk to you. You can always make me laugh just by being yourself. I am now going to be a better daughter and friend to you. I am going to keep a book just like you do and keep my goals... I am always here for you!" My daughter is 13 so as you can imagine the classes were priceless to me, if I can find a way to repay the company, beside hard work, dedication and devotion. I believe I truly can make a difference. It’s never too late to become what you should have been.

Sincerely, Dennis Hebert
Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

You have asked me to divest myself of self,
and become part of a universe.
To do this is to adhere to truths of light, life and infinity, which is the knowledge, wisdom and its termination. You have answered -- we can -- and I have said -- I will! We are the challengers, one team, a universe. Who am I? Look who you have made me be!

Larry Rogers
Diversity Champions (The Challengers)

The following testimonials are from
The Social Security Adminstration

The session was relevant to my job ongoing and growth/development

Very good training. I was engaged and challenged throughout the session. There are several concepts that I will continue to work on and develop.

Unique and practical perspectives. Applicable not only for organizational processes, but also for personal life. Actually teaches skills and concepts for making inclusively a continuing process and culture change.

This is good and powerful material. We will be better managers, employees, spouse, and people.

This was so much more than a "typical" diversity session. It dealt with diversity but included leadership training and how we can become better leaders and stewards of SSA.

This is truly the best training that I have had in my 25 years as an SSA employee. I think it's important that these principles be emphasized at all levels. From our new hires to our senior executives an understanding and adoption of these principles is the key to effective living in our work and home environments.

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